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About us - Valmont Agro
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информация о промышленном животноводствесвиноводстве и птицеводстве

создание и реализация сельскохозяйственных проектов
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About us

Group of companies "Valmont Agro"
Established European companies with a mandate to provide advice and services for the design, construction, equipment supply, equipment stock, staff training and support projects to the stage of the finished product in the agro-industrial, livestock, fur and processing enterprises, including in the territory of Russia and CIS countries.
A separate area can be identified assistance in obtaining financing for the supply of equipment from Italy, and structures of the herd.

Engineering Group "Valmont Agro" form:

aProizvoditeli equipment for pig farms (machines, slatted floors, feeding equipment, manure, for the production of building zookonstruktsy etc.) with the practice implementations pig-breeding complexes "turnkey".

bProizvoditeli equipment for the industrial (industrial) meat rabbit breeding (feeding equipment, manure and so on. for the rabbit) with the practice of designing rabbit farms.

cRazrabotchiki projects and equipment manufacturers slaughterhouses (slaughterhouse) and meat processing of cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, rabbits.

dProizvoditeli metalokarkasnyh prefabricated structures for agricultural and zoo facilities, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants.

eRazrabotchiki and manufacturers of water treatment and disinfection systems, biogas plants, enterprises recycling organic waste.

fProizvoditeli industrial refrigeration equipment.

gProizvoditeli equipment for feed production.

hGeneticheskie companies - suppliers of genetic material of pigs, rabbits hybrids meat breeds.

iKompanii have years of experience working together on projects of any level of complexity and completeness; used their design and technological solutions perfectly complement each other and create together an effective and profitable enterprises.

Activities carried out by "Valmont Agro":

  • Development of technological project of agro-industrial complex of any specialization of power and complexity. Technological project includes, in particular, the feasibility study, technical project, pre-project proposals;
    Design work in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Russian Federation;
  • Construction (all types of construction work);
  • Production of a set of equipment (manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning);
  • Supply of breeding stock (breeding nucleus of breeding, transportation, provision of quarantine and veterinary-sanitary measures);
  • Customer training in enterprises in Italy;
  • Technological support of the project to the designed capacity.
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