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Slaughtering and Processing - Valmont Agro
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информация о промышленном животноводствесвиноводстве и птицеводстве

создание и реализация сельскохозяйственных проектов

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Slaughtering and Processing

Our company offers complete solutions for small and large businesses slaughter of livestock and poultry. One of prioretenyh direction was the development of production and delivery of modular lines slaughter cattle pigs sheep, various bird species, including the mixed type.
Unlike container such slaughterhouses slaughterhouses are made taking into account the preferences of the customer, are not tied to a width of 2,45m and therefore provide optimal size while maintaining the ease of design, fast installation and full readiness of equipment. In addition, they are easily assembled, disassembled and are suitable for transportation, you can say that they are mobile slaughterhouses. After all, for the transport of containers need a special transport, which is not always convenient.
Getting to the project of construction of the slaughterhouse, the customer must carefully define the following items:
What is the optimal capacity of the future of the enterprise;

What will be the future ownership of the enterprise (ie, whether to build a slaughterhouse, individually or in cooperation with nearby farms);
that will be the end product;
How will the disposal and decontamination of waste.
Power is determined by the massacre planned amount received for slaughter animals, the rhythm of their delivery, presence or absence of third-party animals. It should be guaranteed to be sufficient for all cases of life and the construction of new farm queues, and increased third-party supply of animals.
Valmont Agro Company always produces equipment for slaughter with a reserve power. So, for example it Shparchany for up to 60 pigs per hour, really able to handle more of them, and the construction will always provide and work with sows weighing 200-250 kg.
The main equipment at slaughterhouse enterprises, as the slaughter and processing equipment ensures the safety of the main characteristics of raw meat.
Not all manufacturers of equipment for slaughterhouses "sharpened" for the production of high-quality fresh produce. Requirements for ground beef that goes to the hot dogs and sausages, objectively less stringent than the raw material that will be sent to the production of Parma ham, jerked sausages from the "live" meat and other natural products.
In this case, the shelf life of chilled products increased to seven days against the usual five.


DOP (origin protected):
All stages of production are strictly comply with the approved "rules", made in a strictly limited geographical region.

IGP (geographical origin protected):
particular territory, where carried out at least one of the essential stages of production and / or processing of the product

the product is made in compliance with the traditional approved for this product formulations anywhere in the world and from any raw material.


Italy - the world market leader in fresh meat products, awarded the highest mark of quality - DOP.
We carefully approach to the development of TK, and the feasibility study of meat-processing complex. They set the dimensions of cold stores, the chain power Cooler, line structure deboning, cutting, packaging and labeling, and the number of qualified staff and so forth. Significant project factors.
If the final product - the product of fresh meat, the powerful and expensive refrigerators, designed for long-term storage, is not needed. However, the increased requirements for such equipment as a Shparchany, cutting and packaging lines.
If the meat is used to produce cooked smoked sausages, in which the "live" flavor packed smoked products, dumplings, sausages, etc., The requirements for the surface treatment of carcasses are not as strict. Then shparchane animal may be overheated and to 70 ° C against conventional 60-62 ° C. This will increase the speed of scalding animals, but will make it impossible salting meat quality and the subsequent production of delicatessen products. Produce product "premium" class will not succeed, but claims to the stuffing will not.

Construction of the slaughterhouse - a difficult and responsible process.
In order to avoid unreasonable cost customer must very carefully approach to the development of technical specifications, pre-design, marketing of the regional market.
It should be clearly defined in terms of capacity of the enterprise, processing depth, to protect the environment.

For risk diversification, you may need to share the responsibility with the farmers, neighbors and form a joint venture. Then the result will not take long.
Our specialists are able to carry out a technological study and perform a complex project of any complexity, manufacture and supply of equipment, to make installation and start-up; implement fully the construction and installation works; Finally, install the on-site treatment and disposal system, to reach internal engineering networks and communications.